Hey y’all! I’m Sabrina Giles and I run this site.

I am many things; a mother, a wife, and a creative.

A multi-passionate creative, to be exact. What is that, you ask? Well, a “Multi-passionate Creative” is a person who is truly passionate about multiple things. When I finally found out that that’s what I was, I thought, “Finally, there’s a word for it!” and then, “Well, story of my life.”

I have always had a hard time making a decision on one thing – Not small things, and not even some big things (kids, marriage, etc.), but deciding on what ONE THING I wanted to do for my career… now that was hard.

I even have a combo personality type. ENFJ and ENTJ. Both are very extroverted, so it makes being good at writing, graphic design, and my other art mediums difficult because those are mostly done alone.

Graphic Design doesn’t necessarily have to be done alone, so I’ve decided to go to college for my BA in Graphic Design, and then for my MFA in Creative Writing for Entertainment.

My dream job, or maybe jobs, will combine my love of writing and art and communicating with people.

Let’s see where this ride takes me, shall we?