Just to make sure everyone knows, I’m re-branding right now. I will be starting school on July 30th for my BFA in Graphic Design at Full Sail Univeristy. I’m stoked, and I hope you are too because that means all the more awesomeness will be coming your way!

I’ve thought long and hard about this decision, and what finally won out was that I’m not sure I’d enjoy marketing for other people (unless I truly loved their product, message, and method), but I always love creating something new in my sketchbook, on canvas, and on my laptop. Whether I get paid to do it or I’m just making pieces for myself only, it makes my heart happy… and I gotta follow that.

Also, I was told that if I wanted to pursue a job for graphic design, Media & Communications would not allow me to get a high end job because even though they teach a couple courses in it, that’s not technically what the degree is for. Soooooo no.

I know I want to merge writing, art, and design. Jobs in Graphic Design actually require knowledge in all of those areas, and most of them still do some copywriting and marketing on top of their design duties. Sooo I’m set!

Who’s ready to see where this journey takes me? Who’s ready to see what awesomeness I can come up with in my downtime between chasing minions and being a college woman? I am!

P.S. Are you attending school too? What for? Let’s connect in the comments and maybe we can catch a digital cup ‘o joe/tea together. 🙂

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