Deciding on a Degree

So, I’d like to re-introduce myself, because some of you are new to my page. Hello! I’m Sabrina Giles. I’m the mother of a 2-year old and a 3-year old, both girls. Yes, they keep me busy, as does my four-legged buddy named Charlie.

I’m married, and while my husband is currently active duty military (USAF), he is transitioning out into the civilian world. He gets out in December, maybe earlier, and we have no idea where we’re going to be or what he’ll be doing. It’s all both exciting and terrifying.

I’m a Multi-Passionate Creator who is on the journey to rediscovering my passions and uncovering my true calling, so I can attend a university for that degree and be content with my decision. I’ve always had a fear of attending college, because of the debt and because I could never decide which degree was right for me.

All of the things I’m seemingly passionate about, you don’t technically NEED a degree for. There are tons of people killing it in Graphic Design, Writing of any kind, and Marketing with no degree at all. Half of them have degrees in something else that may or may not help them, and half of that half has a degree in that industry either making the same wage as everyone else (but some, much more).


So which do I choose? How Do You Decide Something Like This?

  • Some say you’ve just got to make a decision and deal with the consequences…
  • Some say to go for what you love and the money will find you… I say “It might…”
  • Someone once told me, that instead of going to school for something you’re already good at, go for something that will complement it, or go to school for something that you can’t learn well enough on your own, something you NEED a degree for to earn a good wage or succeed.
  • Go for something you’re good at, because the degree will be easier for you and at the end you’ll have that graduate stamp of credibility.


I like all of those tips, and I’m trying to consider them carefully.


If I followed the second tip, I’d choose either Graphic Design or Creative Writing (if I can ever make myself write again), because that’s what I used to love and as far as I know about Graphic Design, it’s what I still love.

If I followed tip #3, I’d go with Media & Communications because while I can always make “the stuff”, I can never find the right way or best way to talk to people about “the stuff” so that they become interested in it. I’m not a good communicator, and maybe, hopefully, this degree could help me out.

As for the last tip, I’m back at Graphic Design and Creative Writing, because I know I’m good right now, but just think of how amazing I could be afterwards! How many connections I could make, all the amazing people I’d meet and beautiful projects I’d be a part of!

Phew! Man, I’m gettin’ all breathless over here just thinking about it.

Anyhow, I know that whichever one I decide to go with, I’ll have to stick with it until the end, because my chosen college doesn’t let you just switch from one degree to the other. If you switch, you start all over, so I gotta do it right the first time.


I will, however, say this. At this moment, and since I found this amazing school, I have decided to go for a BA in field and a Master’s in another. So I’ve got two choices. Graphic Design and Creative Writing both have Master’s programs, but Media & Communications does not.

What school am I talking about? Full Sail University. Go look them up and tell them future student Sabrina Giles told you about them. They are amazing, and they will take you places. I soooooo can’t wait to go there! This year!

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