Graphic Design Week

Week 1 of my experiment was focused on Graphic Design.

I started venturing into the medium after not being able to afford a kickass cover for my book, and being forever in awe at the ability to make those stunning works of art that all the books were wearing at the bookstores. I loved them. I could stare at them all day, and I did, several times.

So I decided I would teach myself, and so I did. I even had a job for a while as a book cover designer for a publishing company, but sadly, I’d just had my first baby, and I didn’t have time. I didn’t even have time to sleep, and it felt unfair to the company for me to only be able to commit 2 hours a day to working when I knew they deserved more. So I quit that jobs and Motherhood engulfed me, then I had another sweet girl a little over a year later. Now, almost 4 years later, I have enough time to dive back in, and in truth, I’ve been dabbling here and there in my spare moments until this past week when Hubs and I sat down to talk, and he told me to try and devote 1 week to each of my passions, so we can see what I really love, and what I could see myself making a career out of. So that’s what I did!

Was it hard? Yes!

My creativity felt like a roller coaster, because I was constantly worried about people thought/were going to say/etc… Then one day it clicked, and instead of thinking about who would want my pre-made book covers, I just started making art… and I felt it. That click in our hearts that tells you, you found something. I broke through a barrier this week, I’m happy to say, and I feel a little more like me again.

Here are the pieces I made this week, and I’ll be posting every time I make something else. Whether I go for a degree in Graphic Design or not, I think I’ll always do it on the side. I do love it so much. P.S. The last 2 covers “Free Fall” and “Kiss Me at the Top” were made 2 days before I started the weekly experiments so I decided to go ahead and include them.

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