No More AWOL

Hey guys, I’m sorry I’ve been AWOL for so long since my last post. I know I promised you more posts and I didn’t deliver. I’ve punched myself for that repeatedly, so you know I didn’t get away with it.

Things got really busy the closer it got to #SwanBaby and my hormone level went through the roof. I was trying to do too much and overwhelmed myself trying to keep the house spotless, take care of Skye, be present on here as often as I could, be present on social media, and write at least 1000-1500k a day on Dark Chronicles #2.

I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t have wanted to hear the ravings of a hormonal pregnant woman with 3rd trimester insomnia who was also getting up with Skye 5-7 times a night (she knew something big was going to happen soon). Then after #SwanBaby arrived, everything was okay for about a week, until the headaches I was getting turned into something so severe I couldn’t even lift myself up from a laying position. An ambulance had to be called, and I eventually ended up having a procedure done to fix it.

As a side note, all of that took about a full week, and by the time I got back home, my milk had dried up and I could no longer breastfeed. Not even the renowned methods of bringing my supply back up worked, and it petered (teetered?) completely in the next couple of days. I was distraught. I had breastfed #VampirePrincess for 11 months, but #SwanBaby? Only two weeks.

I couldn’t work and wasn’t really trying because of lack of sleep, obviously because I have a newborn. She slept better than Skye, and still does, but it wasn’t enough for me to get back to work, and really, I didn’t want to. I needed to take a break from all of it, and just focus on healing and taking care of my newest addition (and make sure Skye didn’t feel left-out).

–Fast-forward to the present–

#SwanBaby is almost two months old and sleeping anywhere between 4-5 hours at a time during the night. Skye has finally settled down and is an all-night sleeper again. Thank the heavens!

Things seem to be getting back to normal, or should I say, the new normal. 🙂 I’m in a much better mood and frame of mind, and got cleared the other day for exercising. I’ve already started and am feeling great!

I’ll have more to tell on what’s going on in my next post, which I have already written and scheduled, so keep an eye out!

~ Sabrina -_^

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