Holy Flaming Braziers!!!

I was just watching a preview for Spider-Man, you know, the old one with Kerstin Dunst and Tobey McGuire? Yeah, so I noticed she was not wearing a bra. She’s wearing a dress, in the middle of a cafe, with no bra. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her wear a bra in any movie I’ve seen her in. Keira Knightly has been caught committing the same faux pas.
There have been so many! What’s with all the boobs being left un-holstered? I could understand if you said it was for the sex appeal for the guys, but come on, they’re barely B-size. I’m not saying I want to see bigger boobs, however, trust me. I don’t care to see ANY boobige. I happened to serve this one woman with big boobs and of course, no bra. I assume you know I already hated this table, and every waiter in the building was fine with taking it over for me. Yeah… *rolls eyes*… Anyway, I felt so bad for this woman’s little boy because her freaking nipples were sticking so far out they could’ve poked out his and his dad’s eyes.
Is this a new fab? Are we going back to the “BURNING OF THE BRAS!” thing from the 70′s? Really? I can’t wait to see these girls showing off their knee-knockers ten to fifteen years from now.

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