I’ve been thinking about……. pseudonyms.
Technically, I’ve been thinking about them for a loooooooonnggg time, but even after banishing the idea a while back and keeping my real name as my author name, I keep coming back to it. Should I do it? Would it be better? Pen names have been a part of writing since its beginning.
I’ve researched it a bit and come up with this:
1) Having a nom de plume (pseudonym) is useful in the following situations; when you’re writing in more than one genre; you want to separate your writing life from your regular life; you’re already known for something else and don’t want both worlds to collide; or something is wrong with your name whether it be spelling, it’s already been used, or is unmemorable.
It’s also useful if you get really popular, because it allows you some privacy. I read about one author who started using a pen name after having a stalker. So, privacy is a good thing, plus, I’m not sure how great of an author name Sabrina Baxley sounds. It just sounds regular to me, but you might think different. Pen names need to be something people can easily remember and easily spell. Sometimes you can get away with difficult spelling if the name is memorable enough.
2) Pen names can be a hassle at some times. Legally, that is. There are a lot of things that require you use your legal name, even if it is something involving your pen name. Something else I read about was that it’s getting harder to have a pen name now than it used to be. We are so connected through social media, and if you have more than one name and more than one account for each name, it can get confusing. You could accidentally post on facebook or make a tweet as the wrong person. What happens when both of your pen names get booked at the same book signing?
And then, there’s the problem you face when deciding who to tell. Do you want your pen name to be completely secret? Do you want to make your pen name completely separate from yourself? Are some people allowed to know your secret identity? Or are you okay with openly displaying your pen name? It all matters to you in the end, but I’m having trouble deciding.
I know I’ve already published a book under my legal name, but this first book is a test run. I’m testing the waters with “Ensuing Darkness”, and I think if this book doesn’t do well, then I’ll use a pen name on my next one.
Here are the ones I’m choosing between:
Shaylynn Wolf
Alexis Cain
Aurora (need last name)
Phoenix Ryder (my fave but could change last name)
If you could help me choose, I would love to see which one everyone likes. Whichever names are not picked will be saved for later characters in upcoming novels. Depending on the name, I might make it my alter-ego. I read about a woman who did this and even went so far as to wear a wig. I think it sounds fun, like making a character you can act out in real life. Exciting!
I look forward to seeing which name you all like! Until next time.
~ Sabrina (for now -_^)

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