Resolutions and a Writer’s Workout

I have a few new things for you today, probably something you haven’t seen or heard of before. Before we get to that however, I wanted to share with you my resolutions for this brand new year.
1) As usual, I want to stay healthy and continue making exercise a part of my daily routine
2) I wanted to try something this year I’ve never done before. I know I don’t read as much as I should (since I’m always writing), I want to set a reading goal of 30 books this year. I wanted to start out small since I’ve never really counted how many books I read in a calendar year.
3) This may be a stretch, but I would like to finish my next book within a year’s time and hopefully have it published then as well.
4) I want to be the best wife and friend to my fiance (soon husband) I can possibly be. He means everything to me, and I always want to make sure he knows it.
5) No matter how hard it gets juggling work, writing and having a life, I want to stick with college. I know a lot of people don’t, and it becomes a waste of time and money. I desperately don’t want to be one of those people.
6) I want to become more involved in my memberships on other sites. Sometimes, I’m writing so much, it just seems like that’s the only thing I do. It takes over my mind occasionally and won’t let go until every last drop of creative juice is gone.
7) I want to enjoy life, and stop worrying so much. I am an over-thinker and therefore and worry-wart. I don’t want to make mountains out of mole hills anymore. I just want the mole hill to be a mole hill so I can pass it and get it over with. I want to relax and roll with the flow. I want to focus more on the positive aspects of my life instead of worrying about what negatives might come about at any given moment.
8) I want to learn something new. I want to be amazed by something, in awe and wonder. Whether it be learning martial arts or any defensive skill, learning a new any kind of skill, going somewhere magnificent and learning about its history, or just finding out something amazing I never knew before.
You know, this would be the part where I show you what things I accomplished from last year’s list, but would’ve had to have made one. I mean, I knew the things I wanted to do, but sure as hell don’t remember them all now. I can tell you, however, that I did do at least a few things, both on and off the list.
– I published my first book. Yay!
– I enjoyed an entire year with the love of my life.
– I got engaged.
– I made it through some very hard times that made me grow as a person.
– I learned that nothing will ever happen in your life if you don’t give it your 100% best effort. This was a hard one for me, especially since that also means that nothing happens overnight. I’m not an especially patient person and am still dealing with this.
Now, for a “Writer’s Workout”!
I know what you’re thinking, “I can just workout before/after I write”, and I agree with you. You absolutely could do that, but if you still feel it’s lacking, because you spend so so long sitting at the computer, it wouldn’t hurt to give these a try.
These are just your basic tensing exercises with a little use of weights thrown in, but they really do work.
Tighten your buttocks and hold for a count of three, then release. Keep repeating this until the burn is at a medium intensity, and then do ten more, holding the last one as long as you possibly can.
You can do this anywhere, at your desk at work, on the couch watching TV, even in the car! (Be warned, however, because now that you know this, there is no excuse for not having a tighter behind.)
Sit up straight, back off chair, and tighten your abs, making extra sure not to forget about the lower ones as most people do. Hold for a count of three or five, your choice, and then let loose. Do this until the burn is at medium intensity, and then do ten to fifteen more.
With so much fat that is directed towards your abdominal area, it doesn’t hurt to do a little extra.
This one requires you have hand weights. You can do this anywhere as well, except maybe at work. Take the weight in your right hand and do twenty to thirty bicep curls. Exchange weight with the other hand and repeat, doing three reps on each arm. Another exercise you can do with the hand weights is lifting them straight out to your side or straight up.
This last one, you can do with or without ankle weights.
If you’re at a desk you may have to turn to the side. Lift your leg straight out, holding it slightly off the chair by half an inch if you can, and hold for a count of three. Repeat with other leg, continuing this until each leg reaches a medium burning intensity, then do ten more.
You can also do this with your leg bent at 90 degrees if you don’t want to turn to the side, but make sure your leg is off your chair by at least half an inch either way if you can. I find that instead of holding your leg slightly out like a lot of people do, if you hold it slightly inwards toward your other leg, it helps to work the outside of your thigh as well.
Whether you turn to the side or keep your legs bent at 90 degrees, this is the same. Lift your leg away from chair by half an inch if you can and hold for a count of two before putting back down and lifting the other. Do this 30 times or more, until the burn is at medium intensity, and then do ten more. Don’t forget to hold your leg slightly in to work that outer thigh!
I hope you’ve enjoyed this, and I would love to hear from you after you’ve given these exercises a try for a while! I’ll report back on how well these work for me after I’ve been doing them for a few weeks as well!
~ Sabrina

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