Stuck in the Snow

Hey everyone,

I wasn’t going to post anything until I got back home from Missouri, but things have gotten delayed a little. Looks like I won’t be going home tomorrow like previously planned. If any of you have seen the weather forecasts for southern Missouri and down to Texas, you know how bad it sounds. I’m happy I’m here, I’m happy I visited, but I’m ready to be home now.

I only have a few weeks left to spend with Preston before he ships out to boot camp for the Air Force. The funny thing is that it’s only snowing at the house where he is and between there and where I am. It’s not snowing here. He was bragging to me today that there would be a white Christmas this year, which was a first in several years. He’s such a smarty-pants.

You know, the closer it gets to him leaving, the more I want him to stay. I hate the thought of having to go without him and his wonderful, sarcastic self for two and a half months. However, I know it’s small compared to how many years we’ll be together after that, so that helps lessen the pain, and I know that it’s the best for both of us. I am so proud of him and I support him all the way. The Air Force is lucky to have such a man, that’s for sure.

Also, I wanted to add that I fixed the issues we were having with the Kindle version of ‘Ensuing Darkness’, but the internet connection here isn’t fast enough to fix the errors with the paperback, so I’m going to have to wait until I get back to fix that. That’s another reason I’m really eager to get back home.

Hey, at least this way we’ll finally get to make those bonbons my grandmother promised. ^_^ Mmmmmmm….. strawberry and cherry filled bonbons

Merry Christmas Everyone! And a Happy New Year!

~ Sabrina Baxley


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