Ensuing Darkness

Publishing Update!

First thing’s first, I have changed my cover:
title 3-2
Do you like it? I just thought this captured the book better than the first one, since the boy on the first cover is not Connelly. If you liked the first cover don’t worry, I’m thinking of keeping it for the second book. This cover will wrap around the entire book as both front and back cover.
I would like to thank my wonderful and talented cover designer, Preston Giles (my fiance), for giving me such an eye-catching piece of artwork.

I would like to announce that Ensuing Darkness will be available on Kindle tonight right before midnight. I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself. I’m going to officially be a published author in 12 HOURS!!!
As for my physical publication with Amazon, the internet finally cooperated with Preston enough to upload our cover and my files are now being reviewed. I will be getting an email in 48hrs, at which time I will let you know how it went. If I am correct in remembering the process, I will be sent a proof copy to review, and if everything is perfect, it will be available in a week! Yay! (happy dance)
Until next we meet,
~ Sabrina

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