A Day in the Life

Hey everyone! I have some great news! I have finally, FINALLY, finished my book! Yes! Okay, so, now I’m reviewing it for grammatical errors while researching how exactly I want to publish it. I’m going to go through Amazon‘s Indie avenue and then through Kindle‘s publishing too so it can also be an e-book.
Also, I have puppies! Yes, Redbone Coonhounds! They are almost five weeks old and they are gorgeous! I’m almost tempted to keep one of them, but we really don’t need three dogs and a cat. Two is definitely enough for right now. Here’s a picture of them so you can see just how difficult it is for me to be getting rid of them.
Isn’t that just adorable? My fiance wants to keep the boy and name him Hercules.
Anyway, I will keep you all up to date on my publishing progress and will tell you as soon as it’s official!
And thank you all for your support in reading my little snippets. It gave me so much encouragement and belief that this book might just actually make it.

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