Ensuing Darkness

Strange Happenings p8

Kota? How could she –” Connelly began, but Mathias held up a hand to silence him and then nodded for Alister to go on.

“It protected her.” he said, “That’s the only way to explain it. It made sure it was between me and her. Why would a random wolf just show up like that? At that moment?”

Mathias continued to glare at him for several long minutes. “I’m sorry, sir.” Alister finally said, looking down shamefaced.

“You have no idea the damage you have caused by doing this.”

“But she doesn’t suspect? How could she?” he looked back up at him.

“I mean between us.” Mathias clarified and Alister’s face dropped. “I am severely disappointed in you, more so than Mira. How can I teach you these things if I can’t trust you to use them wisely?”

“I’m sorry,” he said, but Mathias shook his head.

“That’s not going to cut it. You are going to have to work to earn my trust back, to even hope to start learning again.” Alister’s gaze fell to the floor once more and Mira wiped the tears falling down her face. The room was silent for a few minutes. Mathias walked around to Amelia’s side. “How bad is it?”

“It’s bad,” she shook her head, “It should have healed by now, but this is acting almost like a normal wound. It’s trying to heal like normal, but it’s so slow. Aubrey tried some simple recipes, but nothing worked very well and she didn’t want to try anything too complicated without you here to oversee her. Mira, come here.” Mira did as she was told and lifted her arm as Amelia removed her bandage. “See? It will be at least a few days before that’s gone, but this…” she turned back to Alister.

“Hm…” Mathias looked at Mira’s arm and then back to Alister. He sighed with agitation. “Alister, I think you’re right. This is not normal. That wolf… did you feel anything through the connection?”

“No, nothing… but it hurt like hell when I heard it howl after I ran off.” Mathias gave him a questioning look and he added, “It hurt my ears and gave me a headache. I got dizzy and fell over.”

Mathias furrowed his brow. “Amelia, get a sample from him and bring it to my study. Everyone is to stay inside and no one goes anywhere without my say-so.”

“Ivan’s still out with Sue,” Connelly called after him as he swiftly left the room.

“Tell him I said to come home.”

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