Ensuing Darkness

Strange Happenings p5

They all shrugged and nodded, but I saw Louis glance at me. He knew what we had left out of the story, but it sounded too weird for me to say it out loud. Weirder than the bird-thing and how the black wolf acted. I avoided his gaze and just ate my ribs. Thankfully, the subject changed to everyone else’s hunting story and I found myself laughing as they told how they all ended up in the same area. Then when they tried to get away from each other, they kept walking into the other team or tripping over them. Jack and Jason were hunting the doe, since they couldn’t find any bucks, but Dale had seen the doe too and they both shot at the same time. Jack thought he got her, until Dale showed up too and they found Jack’s bullet in a tree. Then that’s when the young buck decided to show itself and Jason hit it dead on.

When we were done, it was three o’clock and we headed back to Dale’s house to hang out a little more, where Sue and I again were sitting on the couch arms. While we were in his room watching the boys play another combat game, Sue was texting Ivan when she suddenly said, “Oh, Kota I almost forgot! What movie do you want to watch? It’s a toss-up between an action movie and a scary movie.”

“You mean ‘The Possession’? I want to watch that one.”

Yes!” Sue made a scoring gesture and smiled. “I wanted to see that one too, but Ivan wanted to see M.I.B. 3. Okay, so I was thinking about seeing the movie at six or so, so it’ll be eight or nine when we get out and the restaurants won’t be busy.”

“Hey, I wanna come!” Jack chimed in, slinging an arm around my shoulders.

“Sorry, it’s kind of just for Me, Ivan, her and Connelly,” She said.

“Oh, you mean like a double date?” he said, glancing at me and then back to her.

“You and Connelly are together?” Louis asked, trying to look cool about it, but I knew better. “When did this happen?”

“We’re not together. We’re just hanging out with them,” I said, “No big deal. Just friends.”

“Yeah, they’re just friends,” Jack said, squeezing me, “We’re all just friends, aren’t we, Kota?” He grinned down at me and winked. I rolled my eyes and shoved him away from me, causing everyone to laugh. That seemed to help Louis regain his composure and he resumed playing the game.

I tried to ignore the looks Louis was giving me, now not only because what happened in the forest but because of my thing tonight with Connelly. Then I got a text from him.

Connelly: Hey, you ready for tonight?

Me: Yeah, are you?

Connelly: Yep J Did you pick what movie you wanted? I think it was between M.I.B.3 and ‘The Possession’

Me: What did you want to watch?

Connelly: I asked you first lol

Me: I wanted to watch the possession

Connelly: L I wanted M.I.B.3

Me: Lol well now it’s a tie. What do we do now?

Connelly: well of course we’re going to let you ladies watch what you want. We just didn’t want you two getting too scared lol 😛

Me: Me? Scared? I don’t think so. Sue, yes. Me, no.

Connelly: lol we’ll see about that

I laughed as I read his last text, and Dale and Louis glanced at me. “Who are you talking to?”

“None ya,” Jason said, hitting Louis on the shoulder from the back of the couch. “Mind your own business and keep your head in the game. He’s beating you, man.” Jack just laughed as Dale’s character got ahead another level.

Me: I guess we will. Prepare to be amazed 😛

Connelly: lol Ivan told me about what happened today when you were hunting. Are you okay?

Me: How did he find out?

Connelly: Who do you think? lol

I sighed quietly and rolled my eyes.

Me: Yes I’m fine. I didn’t get attacked or anything… Well, I did, but it didn’t actually do anything. It’s hard to explain.

Connelly: It’s okay you can tell me later 😉 I just wanted to make sure you were okay

Me: Thanks and I will.

I paused in texting the question I most wanted to ask, whether he thought this was a date or if we were just hanging out as friends, but decided not to. I would find out tonight, and besides, who’s to say it would be a bad thing if he did want it to be a date? Let the chips fall where they may, right? I thought.

Connelly: Oh and I just wanted to ask if you wanted me to pick you up tonight. Ivan is picking up Sue so… just if you want though

I hesitated.

Me: I would like that what time

Connelly: 6:30 I will see you then

Me: lol ok

There were definitely too many smiley faces in that conversation, I thought, then shrugged. I couldn’t help myself.

When it came time for us to leave, Dale helped me take my meat to the car and then we gave everyone a hug. Louis’ hug was awkward, but I tried to ignore it. “Hey, tell your boyfriend I said to keep his hands to himself, or he’ll have all of us to deal with!” Jack called after me and they all laughed.

Dale glanced at Louis, who forced a casual face, and said, “C’mon guys.”


“Hello, there. Why, don’t you look nice,” Connelly said when I opened the door. It was the same clothes I’d worn all day, but it was nice to have them complimented.

“Thank you. You don’t look so bad yourself,” I said, smiling. He was wearing a black and dark gray striped dress shirt with designs on it, underneath a long black pea coat. That, along with his black scarf around his neck and thrown over one shoulder, he looked dashing.

He smiled and offered me his hand, which I took. By this time, it had started snowing again, and as we walked to the car he said, “It looks like it’s going to be a harsh winter.”

“Yes, and who knows, maybe we’ll be buried in our houses by Christmas,” I added and we laughed. Glancing over toward Sue’s house, I saw her and Ivan hopping in his classic red Ferrari. “Um, I was just wondering, if we’re supposed to be going to the same places, why don’t we just all take the same car?”

I looked over at him questioningly and he smiled. “Ivan thought it best we take our own car in case, we decided to go our separate ways later on.”

“Ohhh,” I said, looking at them as both cars backed out and we followed Ivan toward Brookstock.

“So, would you like to tell me about what happened today now or later?” He glanced over at me and then back at the road.

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