Ensuing Darkness

Truce p2

“I thought I saw a bug, I’m sorry,” he said, but the knowing and quizzical look he was giving me said something else. He wasn’t done being big brother yet.

I gave him a look that said to calm down before saying, “Well don’t do it so hard next time.”

Chase sat up and stretched his long arms above his head. “I’m ready to do some swimming now.”

“Yeah, me too,” Louis agreed, jumping up and brushing sand off him.

“You go ahead,” I said, “I think I wanna work on my tan some more.”

“Oh come on,” Louis teased, “Don’t be a girl.”

I cocked an eyebrow at him and then Sue and I exchanged looks. “What am I supposed to be, but a girl?”

“A person not afraid of getting wet,” he said. “You’re not scared of a little water, are you?”

Dale laughed and shook his head. “You better be careful, Louis. She will get you.”

Louis made a big show of laughing at this. “Oh, I’d like to see her –”

“Aargh!” I yelled as I leaped at him, catching him by surprise and knocking him off his feet. Laughing as I tried to drag him into the waves, he rolled over and sent me to the ground, just for him to swiftly pick me up. All the while, Chase, Dale, and Sue were busting up and could hardly breathe they were laughing so hard. He was running now, toward the lake, or at least he was until I quickly brought my foot down and tripped him. He landed in a push-up position so as not to squish me and then rolled onto his back, where I then proceeded to continue dragging him the rest of the way.

He struggled, kicking his feet to loosen my grip and making it harder for me to pull him. Then he couldn’t hold it anymore and started laughing, mostly at the huffing and grunting sounds I was making as I tugged him along. I finally made it to the waves and as the water hit him I let go. “Ha! I win!” I smiled victoriously.

Then he was suddenly on his feet and I was being held over his head as he ran farther into the water. When he was chest deep he sent me through the air several feet before I came splashing down. When I came back up he was floating by me and wearing an insufferable grin. “That was just a sore loser move,” I said, but I couldn’t keep the smile off my face.

“What? I won.” He laughed again.

“Uh-uh! I got you to the water!”

“No you were supposed to get me in the water, you gave up too early.” He shook his head and wagged a finger at me.

“There were no specific rules,” I countered. “I still won.”

“Haha! If there are no specific rules, then how can you say you won?”

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