Ensuing Darkness

Unsettling p3

“I agree,” said Mathias. “We are safe here, for the time being at least, that’s how I’d like it to stay. I’d rather not have to leave just because you two can’t control yourselves around one simple girl. And another thing,” He stood now, “The rivalry between you two has done nothing but cause pain to you both and the rest of us. Everything, all of this, will end. Now.” He then disappeared through the doorway to the left, heading up to his study in the west tower where he deliberated on several things, most of which had nothing to do with his teaching job. Amelia swept into the kitchen without another word on the subject and was followed by Mira and Aubrey, who were talking of their usual business plans.

Connelly’s eyes flicked back over to Alister, who was wearing a smile showing his temptation to entice. “Alright, c’mon Alister,” Vincent let his heavy and sizable hand land on his shoulder. The look on Vincent’s face said he wasn’t in the mood to mess around with their fighting as usual. “How about you let me beat you again on Halo?” It wasn’t really a question as he almost hauled Alister to his feet and led him into the kitchen towards the game room in the east tower.

Connelly let out a deep groan once they left, Ivan the only one remaining in the room. He let everything that had just happened sink in for a bit, then Ivan stood. “C’mon, you look like you need some air.” Ivan nodded towards the door and after a minute, Connelly rose to his feet and followed after him.

Stepping into the crisp evening air, he breathed in its freshness as he continued after Ivan toward the tree line on the side of the house. Extremely isolated, their nearest neighbor was at least forty miles each way. They didn’t have to worry about being spotted, which was good considering their outdoor activities.

Once in the shelter of the trees, Connelly left his troubles behind him, heading deeper into the forest surrounding their property. Relaxing the guards that bound him, he felt his instincts taking over. His senses became more acute, making him alert to every sweep of a branch, the smallest scent wafting through the still air, even the rapid heartbeat of a nearby hummingbird.

With his every step, his body transformed into something monstrous, each transfiguration happening in succession with the next. As his size doubled, excess bone, muscle and skin protruded from his back strong enough to uphold his new form should his hunt take him airborne. His ears elongated and were able to move independently of each other as his nostrils became no more than enlarged slits. The elasticity increased in his mouth for stretching to accommodate prey, while his every tooth as well as nail tapered down into razor sharp points.

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