Ensuing Darkness

Unsettling p1

“Connelly, slow down!” Alister yelled as they skidded around yet another corner going four times the speed limit, but Connelly just ignored his brother’s fingers digging into the seat beside his head.

He was so mad, he was surprised they even let him drive. “I can’t believe her!” he continued to rage. The smoke had followed them into the car and continued to thicken.

“I can take care of her for you,” Alister offered sinisterly, but both of the twins silenced him with a good glare. “What? I was just saying.”

“Was she wrong, though?” Ivan asked, looking over at his brother calmly. Connelly glanced at him and back to the road.

“That’s not the point. Who does she thinks she is? Doesn’t she know it’s dangerous to go spouting off like that to just anyone? One day she’s going do that to someone and it’s going get her in trouble… Killed even.” His voice lowered on the last part.

“Don’t say that.” Ivan cut in and Connelly sighed. “And calm down, both of you, before we have a wreck. I really like this car.”

“It’s my car,” Connelly corrected.

“Not if you wreck it. You know the rules.” Ivan glanced at him and then the road.

Taking a deep breath, Connelly let his foot off the gas a little and after a few minutes the smoke began clearing slowly as he and Alister calmed down. “I wonder what Dad’s going to say about this,” Alister said after a while.

“Well I’m guessing he’s not going to pat me on the back,” Connelly replied sarcastically. Mathias, their father, was a mathematician and a professor at a college in one of the neighboring towns. Before they’d left, Mother had said they would discuss this whole thing when his father returned home.

Sighing for it seemed the thousandth time, he turned off the ignition and exited the car, dragging his feet to the front door. Passing through the open foyer and into the sitting room, he lowered into the one of two couches, this one against the wall of the stairs. Alister took one of the two armchairs across the room and Ivan sat in between them, on the couch with its back facing the foyer and front door.

“Your father should be here any minute,” Amelia announced, coming into the room from the kitchen to their right and carrying a cup of coffee as she sat with Ivan. At her words, the others quickly appeared and took their seats as well, Ivan moving onto the couch with Connelly.

True to her word, not five minutes had passed when the tall man of the house walked in. Mathias’ handsome features were not unlike the twins’, with the same dark brown wavy hair that slightly surpassed his ears and moss green eyes matching Ivan’s. Leaving his jacket on the coat hook in the foyer, he didn’t say a word until he was seated beside his wife and took a sip of coffee, the entire room waiting silently. “I heard we almost had an accident today.” His deep voice echoed off the walls as his eyes landed on the twins. “Anyone want to explain the specifics?”

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