Farewell Party p12

Her big, always innocent eyes looked up at me questioningly and I had to admit my confusion. “I don’t know.” I replayed the event’s oddity. “Something weird happened this morning too.” I promised myself that was as much as I was going to tell about this morning. She gave a questioning look but I just shook my head.

“Well, whatever happened this morning, just a minute ago looked pretty weird itself.”I looked over as she hesitantly explained, “You looked like you were going to…” A sudden bang cut her off and we whipped around to see Connelly stomping toward a black ’69 mustang with red racing stripes, Ivan and Alister on either side.

I almost didn’t notice it, but there was a cloud of smoke that ever so slightly surrounded and trailed behind them, thickest around Connelly and Alister. Are they smoking?! I thought, but as I squinted I failed to see a cigarette. Alister gave me a scorching glare when he saw me looking, but then returned to Connelly, who looked to be ranting. Ivan, who glanced over at our staring, just gave a small wave and smile to Sue, his eyes giving a curious flick in my direction.

“No way,” I said immediately as they all piled in the sports car and sped off. “No,” I said again, more to myself than her. The thought disturbed me deeply. Why had I acted like that? I was mad at him! Was I really about to…. kiss him? I couldn’t have. No way. As I thought this though, I desperately hoped not.

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