Farewell Party p9



In gym, as soon as the class was all there we went straight into dance practice. This time, I was paired with Randy, the same dangerous dancer I had to run from at Kati’s party.

“Hey Kota,” he said with an eager smile, “We’re dancing together again.”

“Yep,” I smiled friendly while inwardly sighing. I glanced over at Coach Bailey, hoping he would see my ‘save me’ look, but he was too busy with the other students. We were sent to the wall to wait and I watched as they split Mira and Alister with another couple for teaching purposes. The boy with Mira was so happy and nervous he was practically tripping over himself while the girl with Alister was silenced by his intensity and just resigned to staring at him in awe. Connelly was put with a girl so excited and giggly, she was practically drooling on herself.

When everyone had been paired up, they brought us onto the floor again and we went over the Waltz. I was trying to concentrate on our feet, but it was kind of hard to do when Randy wouldn’t stay with the music. I could’ve danced better by myself, though of course at Kati’s party he’d been the guy who had just moved how he felt, no matter the beat. We were continuously getting off beat and he kept stepping on my feet because he apparently couldn’t shut up either.

“So,” he said after apologizing for crushing my toes again, “I was wondering if you’d like to go on a date sometime.”

“Um, Randy? Could we maybe talk about this some other time?” I said, glancing at him and then our feet.

“Uh, sure yeah,” he said and fell silent. Not everyone was having as bad a time as I was.

A few of them had actually gotten the hang of it and were rising and falling with the music pretty well. Ivan and Sue were doing splendidly, Alister’s partner didn’t look like she was enjoying herself with their complete silence, and Mira was fighting her annoyance with her partner’s fumbling feet and hands.

Connelly’s partner’s demeanor had changed completely since the song’s beginning. Her smile had shriveled up and she looked slightly emotional, keeping her eyes downcast. Connelly kept impossibly straight, tense, and even from across the room I could feel his cold indifference.

“So, what about Friday?” Randy started up again and I sighed. “I’ve got a football game, but we can go out afterwards. I got this great spot –”

“I work that night.” I cut him off.

“Oh, well that’s fine. I can pick you up after the game. What time do you –”

“I’ve already got a date,” I said, trying to be sympathetic. I always hated their upset faces, but I in no way intended to go to his ‘lucky’ spot. His face fell and he seemed to be thinking of something else to say, just not getting the hint. Thankfully, I was saved by the end of the song and gladly stepped away from his dangerous shoes.

“Okay, come line up again,” Mrs. Peters said, motioning to us, and we obliged. She went through us again, sending some couples back to the wall, including Ivan and Sue, and breaking up others like me and Randy. I had to hide the triumphant smile as Randy was put with the girl Alister had been with.


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