Farewell Party p8


“I’m here,” he said breathlessly as he made his way to my side. “Hi Kota,” He flashed a smile. I nodded and smiled back, watching him dig through his messenger bag until he finally found his book and notebook. “You know, they really shouldn’t make us have to lug around all these books all the time. I lost count of how many bags I went through last year because they kept ripping open.”

“Well you know, you could just go to your locker in between class and get the books you need. Or is that too much for you?” The corner of my mouth turned up in a smirk as I glanced sideways at him.

“I don’t have time to be running around the school and going back to my locker every time,” he said, ignoring my sarcasm as he began writing down the assignments.

“You’re right. That’s just too much to ask of someone,” I said, feigning agreeing with him. He looked at me sideways and we couldn’t suppress a smile as I added, “So that’s probably why they have us do it like this. Because they know how lazy their students are.”

He scoffed and shook his head. “Lazy.” I nodded like I was stating a solemn fact and he bumped me with his shoulder before the teacher got our attention with talk about DNA.

When the bell rang and Dale was quickly packing up his stuff he said, “Hey, I’ll meet you in the cafeteria. I’ve gotta go get the newbie.” He rushed out of the room before I could ask who he meant.

As I was gathering my things, my eyes couldn’t help but wander back over to Vincent, who was having trouble leaving his partner. She was asking if he’d gotten everything written down, then slid him her number ‘just in case you need any help with studying’ and then asked if he needed help getting to his next class. “Wow” I mouthed the word and then had an idea to help him. “Hey Kayla!” They both looked at me and I beckoned to her. “Hey, can you tell me if I got this right? I wasn’t really paying attention.”

She glanced from Vincent to me, then grudgingly walked over to me. “What do you need?” she asked with a sigh.

Behind her, Vincent was quickly gathering his things and I said, “Yeah, did I get that right? I know you’re so much better than me at this stuff.”

“But you got a higher grade than me on the last test. I only got a B.” She glanced at me confused. Vincent was already going out the door, sending me a thankful nod and smile.

“Oh yeah, that’s right,” I said, taking my notebook back and standing. “Thanks anyway, Kayla!”

The high school cafeteria was huge. And well of course it had to be huge; it had to accommodate all the high school student and teacher body. I waited in line with Sue as we looked down on the lowered portion of the room, it along with the upper portion decorated in our school colors of white and dark blue, the white wolf painted on some of the walls.

“Hey, the dancers took our table.” Sue pointed to a table in front of a big stage with a dark blue curtain drawn across it, the white wolf’s head emblazoned on front. And there sat the other dancers. There were only six of them now, since the other two girl dancers weren’t going to school.

“Kota!” Chase called as he walked up to us.

“Hey, I want you two to meet Louis Myles. Louis, this is Kota and Sue.” Dale motioned a hand at Louis on his left side.

“We’ve already met.” He nodded in my direction and we smiled.

We were finally up to the food, and as we headed down to the tables on the lower level, we found the table that the dancers had been sitting at now empty. “Where’d they go?” asked Chase.

We all looked at each other and shrugged. “Oh well,” Dale, said, plopping down at the corner seat and digging into his hamburger.


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