Farewell Party p7


“Hi. I’m Dakota, but people just call me Kota.” I smiled back and shook his hand. His hand was big, making mine almost seem childlike in comparison, and it was callused, but it held mine gently. He looked from my hand to my face and smiled in a very pleased way, almost making me blush before the teacher got our attention again. The feeling coursing through me now was one I was much more familiar with and one I much preferred.

“Now, I know this will be your first day in here with me, but I just want you to know that I believe people learn faster by getting their hands dirty.” Her eyes swept over us as she paused and then continued. “But seeing as how this is the beginning of the school year, these first few days will be a short review of last year, and I suggest that those of you who weren’t here last year not only listen but study your textbook carefully. There’s no telling when I’m going to start you cooking.”

After that, she went right to work on telling us a few things to look out for in the kitchen when cooking. We wrote down everything she said and did some worksheets, Louis and I not able to say much until after class. “Well, that was more fun than I thought it would be,” he said sarcastically when we left the classroom. I laughed.

“Oh, a boy in Home Ec. who doesn’t like cooking? Surprise, surprise.” I glanced his way and we both smiled.

“No, I like cooking, just not all that boring writing and reading stuff,” he corrected as he headed to the lockers, specifically the one right beside mine.

“Comes with the territory.” I opened my own locker and started switching books. “And you can stop acting like it isn’t even partly about the girls.”

“Ah, well I never said that,” he admitted and we laughed. “I’m kinda new here though, so it’s gonna take me a while on that.”

“I knew I hadn’t seen you before,” I said and shook my head. “Do you need help finding any of your classes?” I knew the bell would be ringing any minute now, but I just couldn’t stop myself from talking. I didn’t want to waste a perfect chance like this on fixing what I’d messed up with Connelly.

“I’ve been running all over the place this morning and was almost late to both of my classes so far.” He leaned on his locker, still looking at me and I was sure I was blushing.

“You’ll get used to running from one side of the school to the other pretty fast.” I smiled. The warning bell sounded and I jumped, but he just sighed and leaned off his locker.

“So, I’ll see you later, maybe,” he said.

“Good luck with class.” I smiled and he grinned back. We passed each other, parting easily to go to our own classes.

I headed to Biology, where I also sat in the back. Connelly wasn’t there so thankfully I could concentrate on taking notes. I took out my book and another notebook and started writing down the things we would be covering as the teacher called out names.

“Sally Henson?”

“Here,” A red-headed girl with pigtails raised her hand.

“Brock Evens?”

“Yep,” answered a tall jock type guy.

“Vincent Peters?”

I paused at the sound of the name ‘Peters’, and looked over at Vincent as he walked to his table, the eyes of every girl following his every move. His partner, a girl, looked to be so happy that she might faint just from being that close to him. I closed my mouth over a chuckle and looked to the door as Dale rocketed through just as his name was called.


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