Farewell Party p6


He stared at me a few more minutes as I tried to get myself back to normal, and then finally started lessening his death grip. “… yes… weird.” It was then the teacher decided to walk in, already in the middle of a sentence as she went straight to the board and started writing things down. We grabbed our notebooks and even though I tried hard to pay attention and forget about what happened, I couldn’t help the prickling on my neck and arms. My muscles ignored my attempts at relaxing and so did the feeling of being exposed. My eyes would automatically glance in his direction every few seconds only to see him doing the same.

We both retained our defensive positions until the bell rang and he was suddenly out the door. “So, I saw you talking to Connelly…” Sue caught up to me at my locker and when I didn’t say anything, she prodded, “how was it?”

I can’t tell her. I thought immediately, like something was warning me that under no circumstances was I to tell anyone about this. “I’m not sure.” But at the same time, I couldn’t exactly act like everything had been fine either.

“Why not?” She furrowed her brow.

“I don’t know, I’m just not sure about him anymore. Maybe it’s just me, but I got a weird feeling.” Understatement I mentally added.

“For your sake I hope so.” She smiled, “Because if you don’t get him soon I guarantee you someone else will, and for right now, his attention is on you.” Raising her eyebrows, she gave me a look telling me I needed to remember that and then she walked toward her next class.

I let a small sigh escape me. Yeah his attention’s on me, I thought, but not at all like I wanted it. I didn’t even want to think about what would happen in gym, so I pushed it away as I slipped into Home Economics.

I found my name on a list taped to one of the two-person tables and sat down. Lined against the walls were stoves, one for each table, several sinks, and two large dishwashers. It looked slightly like the kitchen in The Southern Experience, just with more space.

As I copied my assignments, the class filled with kids while I remained alone. Then a woman with mouse brown hair in a turquoise dress suit entered the room. “Hello class, I’m Mrs. Stettler. The lists on your desk will stay there until I can remember all your names and you know where you should be. They’re laminated too, so don’t worry about spilling anything on them.” She made her way to the front of the class, her high heels clicking softly.

Just then, the bell rang and I heard heavy breathing as the chair next to me moved. A tall, beefy boy was fumbling with the zipper on his binder and hurriedly took out his things. The sight of him made me catch my breath. How many new hot guys were we supposed to have this year? I thought, and hoped against hope that I wouldn’t mess this one up too. Skin a light copper, he had curly dirty blonde hair cut short, and even though he was well muscled like Chase, I could tell this boy had brains. He had knowing bright blue eyes.

Mrs. Stettler sent him a look that he didn’t notice before she continued talking about whatever she was talking about. He looked up at me and smiled easily. “Hi. I’m Louis,” he said, holding out his hand.


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