Farewell Party p4


“Yeah, I feel bad for anyone unlucky enough to be his partner,” said Chase.

“You mean like me?” I said and they both looked at me. “Yep, I danced with him, or at least, I guess you could call it that. It was more like I was being drug around the gym.” The boys’ eyebrows raised as I retold what happened.

“Wow,” was all Chase could say.

“If I’d been there…” Dale shook his head and I rubbed his shoulder.

“I know big brother, but it’s okay.” He glanced at me and I added with a smirk, “I can take care of myself.”

“Well, just let me know if he ever bothers you again.” He smiled and then hit me lightly on the arm.

I returned the hit, mine a little harder, and asked, “So, are you two going to do the dance competition? I know I am.”

“I don’t know.” Chase looked down at himself. “I don’t think I could do all the twirling and spinning and all that flashy stuff they do. Nah, I’m okay.”

“I’m gonna do it,” Dale said and we both grinned.

“Good. I’m gonna need a guy friend to take with me for protection when we go to all these places,” I said and he laughed.

“Yeah, I’ll be happy to knock out any guy you want,” he said and I acted like I’d made a score, which made them laugh even more.

Just then, the music cut off and everyone turned to see Kati standing in front of the stereo. “Hey everyone! Thank you for coming and this was the best farewell party ever, but now it’s over.”

“Oh man. Well this was fun. Thanks for inviting us Kota, even though it wasn’t your party,” said Chase.

“No problem. She’d never hear the end of it if she wouldn’t have let you two come.” I hugged both of them and as they left, began picking up the gigantic mess that was the backyard.

After everything was back as it should be, Sue and I retreated to my room for the night. Her parents traveled a lot for their job, so our parents had set up a deal that she’d stay with us when they were gone. We were so much like sisters anyway, it just strengthened our bond.

We both went straight to bed, it being near midnight with school the next day. Why it occurred to Kati to have a party on a school night was beyond me, but at least I’d learned some valuable information. 1, I now had a long list of guys never to dance with again, and 2, Chase and Dale owed me big time for having another date with Luke for them to continue their cheerleading kick.


I awoke with a start on Monday morning. Everything was upside down and I almost freaked out before I realized I was halfway off my bed. I sighed gratefully and slid the rest of the way off. It was seven o’clock and I started running around like crazy. I wasn’t surprised that Sue wasn’t there. She was most likely over in her room getting dressed and I only kind of remembered her shaking me awake.


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