Farewell Party p2

When the party was calming down, I skipped up to snatch myself a soda when I heard someone call my name. I turned around and saw my other two best friends Sue and I had known since kindergarten, standing over at the end of the nearly empty snack table. Dale was the shorter and more muscled of the two at five foot ten, his dark brown hair extra gelled tonight no doubt in hopes of catching some cheerleader’s attention. His cinnamon eyes crinkled as he smiled at me, his mouth stuffed with pizza bagels.

He’d assumed the position of the big brother I never had when we were little, whereas Chase was just the sweet blonde and blue-eyed meat head football player. “You bellowed?” I said, taking a sip of my Dr. Pepper.

“You and Sue were supposed to be in History this morning. Where were you?” asked Chase.

“I, uh, forgot school started today and Sue had to wake me up. But I made it in time for Biology with you,” I said, nodding to Dale who smiled and chuckled.

“Yeah you did, but you looked like crap,” he said and they laughed when I shoved him.

“It wasn’t that bad.” I remembered that I had been so sleepy I’d forgotten to brush my hair and still had bed wrinkles all over my face.

“Nah, the wrinkles went away eventually.” Dale wrapped an arm around my shoulders and squeezed me.

Chase turned around and picked up another pizza bagel, one of only a few left. “So, how’d you do over the summer?” he asked. He and his family had gone to visit relatives in Iowa and have their annual family reunion.

“Same as always.” I said, drinking my Dr. Pepper again as Dale released me and took back his arm.

“Yep, stuck at home like the rest of us,” Dale added.

“I saw you dancing with some other guys.” Chase looked up at me, Dale glancing between us.

“Tons of them. Any catch your eye?” I asked, looking around. Dale chuckled lightly.

“Very funny.” Chase said sarcastically. “I meant are you with any of them.”

“Nope, still single,” I said, glancing around.

“Yeah, but you had lots of fun with Luke didn’t you?” Dale nudged me, smiling.

“Yep, we had lots of fun.” I smiled, mocking him, and Dale laughed before filling Chase in on it.

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