Strangers p10



“Drinks boys?” I reminded them. After they had ordered their meal I returned to the kitchen. “Order Lou.” I ripped off the paper with the order on it and stuck it up with the others for Lou to see.

He gave me a look with a slight smile and said, “Finally.” I flashed a smile back and got back to work, Sue and I passing each other on my way out. After that, the place filled up pretty fast and we were rushing everywhere. The restaurant building was so small, Lou said too small for how much business they got, that they only had four waiters and one hostess that worked part-time. Other than me and Sue, there was a college girl named Suzy and of course Ray.

“Thirty’s ready.” Lou called as he put the table’s last plate on the counter.

“Okay.” I breathed. I grabbed a large tray, which I set the plates on, a stand for the tray, and went out the door to a table beside Jack and Jason.

“Hey Kota?” Jack turned around to me as I served my customers, who just happened to be more rock mill guys. I raised my eyebrows to indicate I was listening. “What are you doing tonight?”

“I’m busy tonight, obviously. Besides, I’m sixteen and you’re twenty. Not good Jack.” I smiled as I picked up the tray and stand, walking over to their table. Jack asked me out almost every time he came here, and even though he was hot as an inferno, I had to turn him down because of his age. Jason was eighteen, but he wasn’t really my type and he never asked me out.

“No, I’m twenty. He’s eighteen.” Jason corrected me. I looked at him for a minute, and then at Jack.

You’re eighteen?” I asked, pointing to Jack.

“Yep, graduated Brookstock High just last year.” Jack smiled at my mistake.

“Oh, I’m sorry Jack. I guess I just mixed you’re ages up.” I apologized. Great, I thought, now I missed all those chances to go out with him. I am such an idiot!

“It’s okay. . . . . Are you still busy tonight?” Jack asked again.

Yes.” I smiled at his persistence as they stood to leave.

“Well, maybe I’ll catch you next weekend.” he offered as they hugged me.

“I’ll see you next time, Kota.” Jason called as they left and I ran back to the kitchen.


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