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Great.” I sighed again. I was against it before, but even more now that I was going to have to do it in front of him. I could feel that my humiliation was imminent.

When it was over, they all lined up and bowed, the girls curtsying, and we all applauded enthusiastically. Coach Bailey and the instructor got up and while she went to her students, he told us all to come together in the front. Sue and I glanced at each other and then to the dancers, who all left the room in pairs. “Okay everyone, quiet down now and listen.” He finally had to whistle to get our attention.

“Hello everyone, I’m Mrs. Amelia Peters, and as you just saw, I teach ballroom dancing. Not just Waltz, but Tango, Swing, and Salsa as well.” Her accent wasn’t full-blown Italian, but the thought that her students could also be foreign made my urge to flirt rise a few notches. She looked around at us as she spoke, a pleasant smile on her heart-shaped face. “You may ask why we are here, and that is because there is a contest. One that not only will be lasting all year, but will, if you are good enough, take you across the country and even to Italy where the finals are being held. So, if anyone has questions you may ask them now.”

“How much is the prize? Is it money?” someone asked.

“Is there an entrance fee?” someone else added.

“Why here?” I asked and several people agreed.

Yes there is a $25 fee for entry and yes the prize comes with money, but it also comes with a large trophy, your picture and an article in the newspaper. There are three competitions, but I’m also going to have a test before the first one because there are only a limited number of pairs we are allowed. To the last question, along with being an instructor, I am also a talent scout. I believe that sometimes the smaller towns and cities hold the best kept secrets. Now,” she took something off the bleachers beside her stereo and then backed up to show us. “This is the application you and your parents need to fill out, and I need it before the end of this month. You can come pick one up now or get one from the office after today. Coach?”

“Thank you Mrs. Peters.” He smiled and nodded as she stepped to the side. “If any of you want to do this, I want you to come and line up so we can get started.”

“You mean right now?” I blurted without thinking.

He looked over at me, along with everyone else in the class, and said, “Yes, Kota, now.” He almost laughed. “Is that okay with you?”


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