Strangers p3


“I don’t think so.” I said, and then nodded toward the girl. “See how her smile is bigger than his? She’s clearly more into him and he is her. I think you’re fine.”
She smiled in a way that said she knew I had no idea if that was true and said, “Thanks.” We were quiet after that, Sue continuing to watch him and his partner while I scoped out my new target.
I had recently broken up with the soccer star, Luke, who though he was a good kisser wasn’t as good with regular conversation unless it was about him. I was ready for something new, someone who wasn’t like all the other guys I’d dated. Then I found him. He was holding a girl in a red dress, his movements smooth as silk. It took me a minute though before I realized he looked familiar, and then another second to remember where I’d seen that face before. It belonged to the boy Sue was watching. A quick double take confirmed it and I nudged Sue. “I got dibs on his twin.” Sue mouthed the word in confusion until I pointed him out and her eyes widened. He had slightly longer dark brown hair, his features were sharper, but other than that it was impossible to tell them apart.
He also was wearing a smile, though his was bigger than his brother’s. He and his gorgeous partner seemed to be carrying on a conversation, and more than once I saw her look away to stifle a laugh. Jealously coursed through me, envy, and suddenly I was in the same boat with Sue. Then it occurred to me I shouldn’t be feeling this. “Why are we even looking at them? We’re not even going to see them after this.”
Yes we will.” she corrected, “they’re new students too. Someone said they heard the coach and that woman talking about them being here to teach us and take us to a dance competition that’s going on this year.”


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